About the Creator

Daniel Abendroth is a professional podcast editor, manager, and consultant at Roth Media serving over 50 podcasts in his career.

He was first introduced to podcasts in 2006 and began his own journey into podcasting in 2015. After falling in love with podcast production, he used the knowledge and skills he gained from his own show to start Roth Media and begin offering services to other podcasters.

He left his traditional job in late 2017 to focus on his clients full-time. In 2020, he was joined by his amazing wife, Michelle. She had always helped over the years whenever Daniel needed and they felt they could better serve podcasters with her in a full-time role and thus became a podcasting power-couple.

Reaper for Podcasting

Reaper for Podcasting was born from necessity. Daniel’s journey into Reaper was a struggle to get over the learning curve and all the resources he could find was aimed at music production.

Daniel suffers from Resting Bitch Face

Despite the popularity among podcasters, there weren’t many resources for podcasters looking to learn Reaper or improve their skills.

Trying to find relevant information proved to be difficult as it meant sifting through hours of YouTube videos to get 10 minutes of information he would need in podcasting.

Daniel first started the Reaper for Podcasting Facebook group as a way for Reaper users to connect and share knowledge.

However, Daniel still saw the need for more. A recurring topic in several other Facebook groups was bout the struggle of learning Reaper. After a couple years of dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome planning, the Reaper for Podcasting YouTube channel was created.